16 Feb 2005

Net Gains

Yet another article linked to via this site. Thought it was important as it shows the power of the internet in America atleast. A power yet to be fully harnessed in Singapore.

A top executive at CNN has been forced to resign as a result of pressure from campaigning bloggers. Has the new media now become more powerful than the old, asks Gary Younge

This is not a left- or rightwing phenomenon," wrote Abovitz yesterday. "The story is much, much bigger than Eason Jordan. This is John Lennon's Power to the People, but turbo-charged and amplified. The people want a voice, and now they really have it. Their own voice, unedited, and unfiltered. It is not pretty. The people are quite irritated, mad, and upset."

Where the internet was once regarded as providing a potential check on the mainstream media it has now in some cases, usurped it - being free from the restraints of editorial meetings, ethical codes, deadlines, schedules and production costs.In the words of one blogger:

"Mr Jordan; I'd like you to meet my friend the internet.

"Mr Internet this is Mr Jordan. I'll leave you to chat for a while. Have fun, and be careful. Internet remembers everything and he's a real blabbermouth."

To read the entire US focused article click here.


McbloodyDermott! said...

People like to watch "mainstream" news and that's the reason why there's this monolithic block dominated by a few big news networks that people call the "mainstream media". It's a good thing to have blogs as an independent source to provide alternative news.

The Legal Janitor said...

yes! now THAT's what we're talking about!

AcidFlask said...

Dear Steve,

If this old news interests you, you may be interested then in the current scandal erupting in the blogosphere over "Jeff Gannon". (OK, it's almost two weeks old, but still very much in the throes of controversy.)

FM Stereo said...

You can always tell when something is a good idea, this is when governments try to put a stop to it.
And so it is that blogging, or just simply the internet, has long been causing governments problems. People have the opportunity to really speak and governments do not like this.
Hence why I can post anonymously without fear of being dragged off for three days by the "Police"

soci said...

so post your name, and link to your real url.

McbloodyDermott! said...

Try to be more understanding.

"One who revealed his identity recently was Irishman Steven McDermott, 33, who is behind 'Singabloodypore'.

'There is a perception that getting involved in politics will get you into trouble,' he said, adding that he revealed himself only after he left Singapore last month."

WTH is FM Stereo trying to say?

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