7 Feb 2005

Give Everyone Million Dollar Salaries

Two Singapore police officers charged with taking bribes

SINGAPORE (AP) - Two police officers were charged with taking bribes on Friday in a rare corruption case in Singapore.

The officers - V.N. Arasakumar and Mohamed Eusoff Seeni - appeared in court on charges they illegally received nearly 20,000 Singapore dollars (US$12,210; euro9,391.59), court officials said on customary condition of anonymity.

The local Straits Times newspaper said Friday that one of the men had received money from triad members to protect them from their enemies and to help stop bar fights.
The other officer is alleged to have failed to carry out his duties in investigating a bar owner with gang connections, the paper said. The men were with the Secret Societies Branch, a police unit that investigates organized crime. An officer from the Secret Societies Branch was convicted of taking bribes four years ago, the paper said. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Corruption cases are rare in Singapore, which prides itself on clean government. - AP

Some slam me for not being 'constructive'. Lets apply the same logic that ensures that Ministers earn very, very large sums of money to ensure they are not corrupt to police officers and anyone else who may feel the urge to take bribes, rob or steal.

Now who could argue with that? Or rather who would want to?


Anonymous said...

The aim of paying good salaries is so that people are less tempted to seek other sources of income. It's also to attract good talent to work for the country. Why should these very smart men work for the public sector when they can earn much more in the private sector? You pay peanuts you get monkeys. The difference between these ministers is that they can do what we do, but we can't do what they do. It's about abilities. Like it or not, we are not as capable as them.

soci said...

speaking for yourself of course anonymous.

True Flight said...

That is hardly a "rare" case of corruption. Which pathetic media did that article come from?

If you visit the Subordinate Courts at Havelock Square, you'll see that there are corruption cases every day. Our CPIB is very active & vigilant.

Drug cases and corruption cases form approximately 50% of all criminal cases on trial at the Sub Courts on any given day.