17 Feb 2005

And This SingaBloodyPorean Has a Complaint

See, look and learn. Some people actually have nice things to say about Singabloodypore.
The article in question was received by me from Mellanie Hewitt of SgReview.

I have also previously posted articles here that are not of the Michael Moore variety. Read the following calling for the PAP to inject a little bit of Adam Smith into the lion city.

And This SingaBloodyPorean Has a Complaint ... brought to you today by the letter 'E'
The good Mr. Steven McDermott, puts up an impassioned voice which I just discovered mere moments ago, as a client screamed three quarter of his tonsils into my ear.

"These bloody blogs, they are ... they are ... crazy." said he, seemingly at loss for words.
Blogging myself, I too, for once was at a loss for words.

Client confidentiality binding, I shall now get to the point of this blog entry. Mr. McDermott here seems to think that Temasek, Singapore's state investment arm, has to be more transparent and fears that 'who's who in Singapore's incestous political circles and GLCs/TLCs' might be profiting from the state's coffers.

I see.

For the uninitiated, Temasek has controlling stakes in some of the best run companies in the world. They have taken the leap into an opportunity window with Microsoft and stayed steadfastly erect with their investments in Pfizer to call in huge profits on both.

The SSD (SingTel, Singapore Airlines and DBS Bank) cluster represents the definition of world class management and writes new standards in the book of customer management, innovative strategies and a leader in value based management practice.

Heck, I wrote countless case studies on Singapore Airlines alone to persuade other carriers like Emirates and Royal Jordanian to invoke a RPK (revenue per kilometre) based sub compartmentalised yield management system based on different fare structures, so as not to fall prey to pricing battles. This approach is used to extremely good effect by Mr. Tony Fernandez of Air Asia, incidentally not the best friend of Singapore at the moment.

I am sure many consultants have used Singaporean companies as a yardstick when evaluating the deployment of various strategies within their engagements in this region, noting the cultural similarities.

Mr. McDermott, considering your article, I am inclined to look on with a tad envy at your complaints. You have brass ones between your legs, that I have to give you and as a tribute, you are the subject of my Sesame Street post, brought to you by the letter 'E'.

The defining word today would be 'Eerie', to describe what came over me as I read your post.


McbloodyDermott! said...

Why do you need to shore up support? We love you. You don't have to care about what other people say about you.

True Flight said...

I am amazed that DBS Bank is said to have world class management; to have written new standards in the book of customer management; to have innovative strategies; to be a leader in value based management practice etc.

This merely tells me that the poster knows nothing about the world's banking industry.

Mack said...

The post was meant as a compliment, I hope that was realised and the banking issue, the judgement was based on a lot of factors, I am sorry you disagree. BTW, I shuttle up and down SIN so I am well aware of the situation. I merely voiced envy, for mine is a tad bit more challenging. Keep it up Steven, always a pleasure to grin while reading.

soci said...

Thanks Mack, I rarely receive compliments and was glad to receive one, as opposed to having to defend every single thing I write or link to was refreshing.

mack said...

Mr. McDermott, haven't you realised that muckrakers such as we are doomed to the scorn of those who fear criticism. The post that heralded you was supposed to also throw sand in the face of certain corporate and banking 'giants' over by my side. Kill two birds with one stone. Yeah, I;m bloody lazy, but I read :), and will promise to continue unless it's soccer season or I rescind into the lazy bloody malay bloodsucker I am ;P

lee hsien tau said...

I agree with True Flight. Dig a little and you'd find the banking industry to be just as despotic.

I wish my daddy was a banker
Sure I would be appointed to the board
Then I can spend many a happy hour
With two naked ladies on my bod
One would be lurking over my face
The other would be banging at my cork
The bank would still be making moolah
Never mind that I didn't do any work

Anonymous said...

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