10 Jan 2006

SDP Public Forum: The Govt's role in the NKF scandal

SDP Public Forum: The Govt's role in the NKF scandal 6 Jan 06

Much has been made about the NKF scandal and the way its officials have abused donated money. The Government is now pleading naivete about the incident, effectively saying that it was blind-sided.

However, this doesn't seem to square with events that took place. What are these events? What are we to make of them? How can we keep the matter from being swept under the carpet? What does this mean in the larger context of the GIC, HDB, and CPF?

These and many other troubling questions over the Government's handling of the entire NKF fiasco – as well as transparency and accountability issues – will be the subject at the Public Forum organised by the Singapore Democrats:

The Government's role in the NKF scandal
13 January 2006, 7 pm
Phoenix Hotel
277 Orchard Road
Rose Room, Basement Level
next to the Somerset MRT Station

But more than just asking questions, the SDP will also explore ways of how the people can compel the PAP to make our system more transparent and be more accountable. Remember, its not just the NKF we're talking about. Think about your CPF savings, why you're paying so much for your HDB flat, the salaries of the ministers, and the billions of dollars held by the GIC...

See you there!


Anonymous said...

NKF shows that it is impossible to let go; PAP's tight control is proved right again

similar experience came from some of the GLC managers awarding themselves generous salaries and bonuses by positive presentation of company results

the real issue is how PAP can find larger nos. of genuinely dedicated people for important positions, who would not exploit the opportunities for excessive personal gain; the record so far has not been perfect

sglaksa said...

Another forum! I hope it does come out with good ideas instead of a PAP-bashing session.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee as a person who misuse company funds. You have no rights to talk about this issue!

Anonymous said...

100$ to send his wife's thesis to Georgia University, compared with NKF? only PAP would make the two comparable, for its own reasons

(I consider Chee a lousy politician, but the above comment is ridiculous)