23 Jan 2006

PM Lee urges opposition Workers' Party to revise their manifesto

If anybody has access to the original ST article, please post it here.

SINGAPORE : Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has urged the opposition Workers' Party to revise their manifesto as it contains dangerous and critical ideas.

He said these destroyed the fundamental principles Singapore had built and thrived on.

The PAP government described the Workers' Party manifesto as containing four "time-bombs", including removing the ethnic quota for HDB housing and the elected presidency.

Mr Lee said the suggestions in the Workers' Party manifesto had undermined the basic principles on which Singapore depends.

He said this was a very serious matter.

Mr Lee said he expected the Workers' Party and its chief Low Thia Khiang to respond properly.

Mr Lee said: "Where do they stand? Either you rethink your position and publish a revised manifesto, version 1.2, there is still time or if they want to stand by that, explain what they mean, justify, defend and we will join issue and we will fight the elections on these issues.

"They should fight the elections on these issues because this is not just a matter of you talking casually at the coffeeshop after drinks. It is a manifesto for the General Election and he is offering himself as an alternative, it has to be scrutinised." - CNA/de

This article amuses me greatly because it is essentially, one party telling the other how to organise their elections. And if you read the original ST article, it was laced with propaganda and explosive[literally] images. Made for a good laugh over breakfast.

Also, there is this idea that if we change anything about Singapore, it will immediately collapse and everyone will starve and die.



Anonymous said...

nothing funny about it; PAP wants everyone, opposition included, to toe the line; it sees itsself as being identical to the country, so disobedience is treason

Anonymous said...

LHL and his PAP cabinet destroyed one of the "fundamental principles Singapore had built and thrived on" when they insisted on building casinos.

Anonymous said...

what is the principle, exactly? isnt money/power the most important principle?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Vivain Balashitna once said allowing bar-top dancing will lead to social unrest? Is that a time bomb too? hahaha

Anonymous said...

it's always the case - whatever PAP does is fine but not other parties. A true despot!

LHL killed sg economy but tried to recover it by building casinos, hoping to bring it back the lost.

Anonymous said...

just watch the show...

Anonymous said...

The rulers of Singapore are much too bright to have a traditional old-fashioned goose-stepping police state. Instead of tanks in the streets, we have a sophisticated, modern government, who gets the job done working behind the external face of benevolence—no tanks needed.

the ruling party is like putting on a SHOW...is it a 'gangster' show?
It seems like PAP is the BIG gangster squashing its oppositions. A group of 'white-clone' gangster hiding behind the face of benevolence.

I think they are worried that the WP might be a TIME BOMB to PAP instead!!!

pleinelune said...

of course it has to be scrutinised. Both sides have the right to question the stands of each other. But fact is... only PAP is allowed to do that legally. Isn't democracy just wonderful?

Anonymous said...

I think Sg has achieved developed country status. However I always wonder how can its highly educated people tolerate their government's mind-numbing rhetoric?