20 Jan 2006

Jail for Singapore drugs Scot

From Scottish TV's Scotland Today.
20 January 2006 10:57

A Scots engineer arrested during a drug operation in Singapore has been jailed for eleven months. Construction supervisor Jason Taylor, from Aberdeen, originally faced being jailed for up to ten years after he was caught with a small quantity of cocaine.

Singapore is home to some of the world's toughest drug laws. Last year the authorities there executed an Australian man after he was convicted of heroin trafficking. His death provoked international outrage.

But the country's strict stance on drugs would have been well known to Aberdeen man Jason Taylor. The 33-year-old construction supervisor - originally from Dyce - had been in Singapore for three years and had told friends he loved the country.

He was arrested along with several other foreigners during a drug raid in the city-state last month. It is believed Taylor and a Malayan woman were spotted coming out of a known drug den which was being targetted by the narcotics bureau. Police stopped the taxi he was travelling in, searched and found a small quantity of cocaine and placed him under arrest.

Today Taylor appeared at a District Court in Singapore to learn his fate. He had already pleaded guilty to possessing a packet containing 0.71 grams of cocaine. He faced up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to £7,000. Instead he was jailed for 11 months.


Anonymous said...

coz he's white.

Anonymous said...

CORRUPT or SILLY Legistration in S'pore!

he was SMART to carry only 0.71 grams of cocaine! Or else he will be hanged! He was well aware of the GRAM!

funny, he is the drug leader of a small drug circle...and yet his CRIME is lesser than those of the DRUG MULE...coz he carried on 0.71 grams of cocaine!!!

Smart! Smart people got jailed...and the followers of the smart leader gotta HANGED!!!

Anonymous said...

This only shows that the ELITE in Singapore will always be treated LENIENTLY in the court of SG LAW!!!