2 Dec 2005

Volte Face in Singapore Politics? Nay Nay

From A Xeno Boy in Singapore...

It was all about Face. Whatever fancy terms political scientists or politicians can coin, Game Theory, Great Man theories, brinksmanship politics, realism, post structuralism, Asian values, sovereignty, National Interest, international law etc, when we analyse this Nguyen affair, it was all about Face. No disrespect to Rodan, political activists, lawyers, journalists and the politicians both Singaporean and Aussie, who have all come out with the same tropes to appeal and defend their respective positions in this affair. It was all about Face. Face is not a topic covered in textbooks. Face underlies a lot of political decisions West or East. But it is perhaps only in the latter where Face is an art form. Coded by Confucius.

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Yoyo said...

Xenoboy got it absolutely wrong here.

For three years, Nguyen's case was deliberately kept low-key at the insistence of his lawyer. It was only after the the rejection of the clemency appeal that it made headlines.

Nguyen never stood a chance from the get-go.

He would have been hung with or without the Singapore Govt losing its face.

More than 850 prisoners before him have died without a squeak of protest from anyone.

Nguyen's fate was sealed when Howard declared that diplomatic ties will not be damaged. It gave PM Lee to green light to execute Nguyen.

At least Nguyen (and Shanmugam) went out igniting a trail of debate about the death penalty in Singapore, and at the same time exposing its Govt's dictatorial ways to the world.

Anonymous said...

It made me sick to watch the Singaporean PM talked about 'the law......' blah blah blah.
How did he get to become the PM again ??? Solely on his own hard work, did he?
Of'course he would not understand at all why anyone would be desparate enough to be involved in grug trafficking. Ditto with the Oz PM.
What are the responsibilities of Oz govt in all these, the education system, etc
Why after more than 10 years of prosperity, there are still young australians in foreign jails for drug trafficking ? Have we failed them?

Anonymous said...

Both you morons have TOTALLY misread XenoBoy's entry. sighz

It is ABSOLUTELY spot-on without detracting from the efforts of those who fought, including the other editors of this blog. Think of that German girl who got off.

His postscript explains it best. Screw it all.


patriot said...

The way things have been going for the past 3 decades, if you care about S'pore it will break your heart. The pianist got it right.

Anonymous said...

Why do Singaporeans blame the pianist so much? What about the 100s of defaulters who are dying to go back to singapore?

Anonymous said...

The pianist was from ACS... That says it all, doesn't it? Take care of Number 1, and damn the rest. No loyalities except to oneself, and to those of the same elevated ilk...

Anonymous said...

no point being loyal to anything that only uses u and doesn't care about u.