19 Apr 2005

Public Forum on Death Penalty

Open Singpaore Center held a Public Forum on Death Penalty & Rule of Law in Singapore
2-5PM, at Hotel Asia, this is the follow up information page

Moderator: Salbiah Ahmad


Mr. J B Jeyaretnam - OSC

Dr. Chee Soon Juan - SDP

Mr. Sinapan Samydorai - Think Centre

Mr. Anthony Yeo

Mr. M Ravi

2.5 Times larger audience than expected turned out!
hotel room was booked for 50 people including invided press, but about 120 people turned out at the event, and OSC is thankful to Hotel Asia for the last minute addition of 25 seats. We are sorry that many other paticipants were sitting on the carpet floor or standing in very tide squeezed space throughout the forum in the function room. We will cater for additional space allowance in the future.

Shocking Dirty Secrets Exposed!
Dr. Chee Soon Juan presented shocking details of Singapore Govt Investment Fund [MYANMAR FUND] having intimate business relationship with Myanmar drug lord LO HSING HAN family.

Singapore's Blood Money etc 12MB size Adobe PDF file
printed articles are scanned in high resolution 300dpi, you can zoom in to read in better details

more of the details to be included here

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