26 Apr 2005


Take cover, in coming!!!
If you aren't feeling paranoid yet, maybe you are delusional.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. – Wendell Phillips

Unfortunately in recent days, the price of maintaining the content which used to be accessible at this URL has become too high for the author to afford. AcidFlask thanks readers for their past support and regrets the inconvenience caused.

AcidFlask would like to apologize in particular to Mr. Philip Yeo, Chairman of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore, for having hosted or made remarks which Mr. Yeo felt were defamatory to him and the agency that he leads. AcidFlask promises to not make such remarks again on this website.

I have been able to find a link at convexset, which I believe is an apology for publishing an earlier article. I believe that Acidflask had then commented on the initial article. Acidflask's site has been removed until the owner feels willing and able to start it up somewhere else.

Also resulted in this 赤虫 site being removed by the owner out of fear of falling within the rather long reach of the arm of the law.

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J Schnorng said...

This story is just sad. As in, really sad. I'd say more, but they'd sue my ass.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please write a full report of what happened here? This is news that should get out.


Hecate said...

David, if you do a search on AcidFlask you may be able to get some news on it.

But in short, it was because something was said about the author's superiors.

This week has certainly been a bad week for bloggers. In today's Straits Times, the PSC scholar who posted certain racist comments on his blog had been reprimanded by the Public Service Commission.

For so long the internet and weblogs had been the only place where locals can be given space to discuss topics, air their views without being getting into any trouble for it, and this is what the internet ought to be, this is what free speech on the world wide web ought to represent.

Perhaps, it is not so much of eternal vigilance, but of responsibility. That being said of course, I think that it goes both ways, if Singaporean bloggers can be responsible enough, then we can keep our freedom of speech on the World Wide Web without any other authority clamping down on us.

Anonymous said...

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."- Voltaire

This culture of defamation suits in Singapore makes for a fearful society which is afraid to discuss controversial issues openly.

This is probably the reason why Singapore blogs are infantile.

A First World Nation borne out of fear.


La Idler said...

The thing is, there are asshats out there, who cry for freedom of speech, yet when they see things like these, they immediately report them to the media, so that they can earn themselves a free cellphone from TNP. what gives? I am sad for Acidflask and scared for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Scared is the right word. There is no end to what these bastards will do. We're living in a legitimate dictatorship, and we will always be on the bullying end of authority since we're too meek to do anything about it.

xenoboysg said...

Resist. The transmission must go on.

Luis said...

What I can say is, we can give comments as we like. If we have prove that what we say is right. In the eyes of Law it is not defamation. If you have concrete prove yet they bring you to court, bring it on then, you've nothing to lose...

Anonymous said...

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