28 Apr 2005

Blog Down Blog Down!

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Thanks to S.T. for the heads-up.

Goodbye everyone. It was short, but it was fun.

Why am I closing down SLMJD? No, I have not received any threat of legal action from any head of any statutory board or from any business tycoon.

Earlier I had promised that I would write a post providing practical tips on how bloggers can minimise their risks of defamation lawsuits. Last night, while thinking about what practical advice I should give, I realise that I have failed, in SLMJD, to apply a key piece of my own wisdom.

This piece of wisdom is, of course, anonymity. No one can sue you if they don't know who you are.

Well, I've made my real identity known in this blog. It's probably a fairly serious error. In the future, this error will probably hamper me from saying what I really want to say, on current affairs and issues in Singapore.


redrown said...

it is indeed sad, but maybe u should be secretly glad as well, seeing he is one capable adversary to your posts? heh just kidding.

Jowie said...

sad to see things are happening the same old way again... wats not changed here? ITS THIS....

Gilbert Koh said...

Latest developments tell me that I cannot shut down my blog!!!

I have to maintain its existence to make my position clear on a new development.

Come to http://slmjd.blogspot.com to read the latest.