14 Oct 2006

Survey: Singaporean attitudes towards HIV risk and education

A survey request from the best/only journalist in Singapore.
Survey: Singaporean attitudes towards HIV risk and education

Please do this survey - whoever you are (straight, gay, male, female...). It will help me make a presentation at the upcoming Aids conference. The survey is anonymous and basically seeks your opinion about various issues.


I would also appreciate it if you would help me publicise this on your blogs or via email.

Thank you.


answer said...

The survey should have asked, anything you know that we don't know?

Here's something that my friend and I know since the info was told to my friend by a doctor, during one of her visitation/consultation.

My friend was talking about teenager getting into relationship early this century...well guess what?

Doctor revealed as a friendly conversation, doc said most hospital in SG, during break time, nurses and doctors have mass orgies? (mixed n matched I presume, married or un-married)

Then I wonder, is that how some doctor contacted HIV themselves? What if the doc's wife or hubby finds out?

How true is it? How would I know? It came from the doc, to my friend, to me and now to many of you.

What I think? Chances...very highly is happening. Some may find it cool...while I guess most find it disgusting.

Thanks for this topic, I can finally let go of this info, I get to hear about.

PS: Other info? Ever wonder why some schools, hospital and politician's home uses a gadget to sanitized the entire home? My question is, why aren't the public being educated about it. Gadget that kills air borne virus and germs. Visit site mgmempire...gadget made in USA and assemble in SG.

Makes me wonder lately also. Gastric flu in the past, I don't remember school cleaning like crazy ya? and made into the news?

One school after another? Food Vendor no problem? Hmmm...??? Maybe I think too much? Oh well, better than not thinking.

I had gastric flu before but I don't see my workplace or home being claned and still I got healed...so am still hmmm???

Matilah_Singapura said...

Arse Injected Death Syndrome aka AIDS, is natures way of global population control.

In the long run, this will probably strengthen the gene pool.

No govt policy will ever reduce the risk or rate of infection. People act according to their own value-judgements. If they realise certain behaviours are statistically more "dangerous", most people naturally take precautions against it.

It is common in many (European) countries to carry a medical certificate stating that one is free from HIV in dating scenes all over the world.

A persons health and well-being is his/her own responsibility. When govts get involved, they ALWAYS "demonise" certain behaviours, lifestlyes and even individuals. For e.g. the S'pore govt demonises arse-fucking poofters, in embarassing and ridiculous ways. And lest we forget: them fundamental Christians and Moslems too are a bunch of intolerant wankers when it comes to issues of homosexuality.

The fact is, that HIV/AIDS is no longer strictly a "gay" issue.

One can become axiomatic about it, and the axiom is People Fuck, and the reason is that they are naturally inclined to do so.

How and Who people fuck nobody's business — least of all the govt and its "do-gooder" Public Health Policies.

The state has no place in the individual's use of his or her penis, vagina or anus, and the mutually consenting fun activities that individuals may choose to create, discover and enjoy.


John said...

Good to see you're trying to make a difference in a positive way...thank you.