9 Oct 2006

Forum on Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falungong Practitioners in China

Forum on Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falungong Practitioners in China
Venue: Peninsular Excelsior Hotel
Time: 1430 hrs

The forum on the Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falungong Practitioners in China, held in the Tulip room of Peninsular Excelsior Hotel sees an approximate attendance of about 150.

David Matas, who is an immigration, refugee and international human rights lawyer, and one of the two, involved in the writing, preparation and research of the report, was at the forum to make his presentation. The other person who contributed to the report is David Kilgour, a former member of parliament and a former Secretary of State of the Govenrment of Canada for Asia Pacific.

After a short video presentation containing mainly clips on the Chinese government persecution on falungong and telephone recorded evidence of organ transplants in hospitals, David Matas explained the circumstances to which he was approached by The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of the FalunGong in China (CIPFG) to manage this project.

He continued to explain the methadology prescribed and the diffiiculties faced in preparing the report. Nevertheless, they managed to come up with 18 elements of proof and disproof, which, though are not hard evidence, however shed light on the truthfulness of the allegations. The report also listed 17 recommendations for further actions.

The elements of proof and disproof includes the existence of an official policy of persecution towards Falungong practitioners; massive arrests of practitioners; a huge gap between the transplants and the sources commonly believed to be from executed prisoners and willing donors; incriminating evidences from websites; blood testing of arrested practitioners; and testimonies from practitioners detained in labour camps among other evidences.

During the question and answer session, many questions were posed including if these acts were systematically executed and endorsed by the Chinese government; the response of the Chinese government to the allegations in the report; and what Singaporeans can do.

Mr Matas responded by saying that the Chinese government have responded to the report by making vilified remarks on Falungong, accusing it as an evil cult; but been unable to come up with any counterarguments on the points raised by the report.

Mr Matas also reiterated that there are many ways that Singaporeans can highlight the issue. He suggested that the local medical community could carry out research pertaining to Singaporeans who have organ transplants in China. He also said citizens can raise this issue with their MPs or write petition letters to the Chinese embassy.

More details of the report can be found at:


Matilah_Singapura said...

Awesome dude! Cheap spare parts available!

Back to the high-fat diet, alcohol... and time to take up smoking again!

Anonymous said...

While China's human rights records should be examined, I would like to urge you to look into all the facts of the case regarding the live organ harvesting allegation made by the religious sect Falun Gong, and promoted by Mr. Matas.

In my opinion Falun Gong's actions not only discredited their own cause, they also detracted from honest examination of China's problems. Falun Gong's indictment muddles the rational discussion of issues such as China's legal reform, and Chinese society's moral, ethical standards on dignity and treatment of the condemned.

It is in this spirit I would like to bring to your attention some contrarian facts surrounding Falun Gong's recent media activity. I have been following this story since March. I researched this matter after being given a flyer in Chinatown - and I have found many problems with this allegation:

- US State Department investigated and found Falun Gong's Sujiatun/Auschwitz allegation not credible. (1)

- A US Congressional brief on China and Falun Gong questioned the and veracity of Falun Gong's claim of genocide. (2)

- Long time Chinese dissident and anti-CCP activist, Mr. Harry Wu, investigated the allegation and found Falun Gong's witness unreliable. (3)

- The hospital Falun Gong accused is partly owned by a Malaysian health care company, Country Heights Health Sanctuary, and is subject to oversight beyond Chinese authority. Malay officials have documented prior year visit, and the facility has been open to public for years. (4)

- The gory photo used by Falun Gong for shock value that are not evidence of torture or vivisection.

Specifically, photo of Mr. Wang Bin. Pathologist review contradicted Falun Gong's claim. (5) Even according to Falun Gong's own evidence, an autopsy was performed as part of Mr. Wang's murder investigation held by local authority. (6) Another photo that is widely mis-used by Falun Gong is of Mr. Liu Yufeng, it too does not prove torture or vivisection.

In reality these autopsy photos prove the opposite is true. The Chinese government was not complicit and investigated death of citizens while under police custody.

In conclusion, writing allegory of "Schindler's List" is not the way to examine China's human rights record. If we in the west can not be precise with our accusation, only resort of nefarious indictment - why should anyone take what we say seriously?


2) "The Collateral of Suppression", a report critical of China written for Senator Dianne Feinstein, member of US Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC), where congressional researchers Emma Ashburn and Thomas Lum were quoted.

3) http://www.zonaeuropa.com/20060806_1.htm

http://crc.gov.my/clinicalTrial/documents/Proposal/TCM_Stroke%20TrialProtocol%20synopsis.pdf (page 3)

5) Pathologist review. Specifically, the Kilgour Report Appendix 12, Case 1 involving Mr. Wang Bin, where the photo showed 'Y' incisions in the neck and baseball stitch suture, which are typical of autopsy. The fact organ removal by medical examiner during autopsy is routine, is omitted.

6) http://clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/11/16/6164.html

ycbi said...

AS is always the case with China the truth is always very hard to find but there is more than enough evidence on human rights abuses for China to be stripped of its right to hold the Olimpics . But then again the Olimpic moovment is now so corupted by money and power there would be more chance at pissing into the wind .

yuen said...

there was a guy called harry wu who specialized on this and was arrested during a visit to china but soon released; sicne then he has been quiet

falungong claims to be able to provide health without needing medical attention, going to heaven, etc; its other claims too need to be treated with sceptism

ted said...

The incredibleness of the Falungong's claims notwithstanding, does not discredit any allegations of persecutions they face in China.

You have to do better than that to throw mud that sticks.

Anonymous said...

wow was surpise to know abt this. anyway when did the seminar happened? juz i missed it

yuen said...

falungong actually persecuted others first; when reporters disputed their health claims, they organized mobs to attack newspaper offices, which brought them into conflict with authorities; it was their sending a couple of thousand members to Zhongnanhai to demo to the party leaders that got them identified as a political threat; while some jailed members did suffer torture and other mistreatment, it is wrong to simply treat them as a persecuted spiritual group; they can afford to publish all those books and newspapers to give away free, and appear to have access to financial resources

since their error in getting a group of people to burn themselves in tiananmen, and seeing the living buddha's obvious inability to provide salvation to his followers, they have transferred their effort to an area where china is obviously vulnerable;
in short, falungong should seen for what it is: a politcal movement with deliberately obscure motives

Anonymous said...

The real EVIL is China.

See the NORTH KOREA nuclear fiasco was at the behest of China all these years till this week, WHEN N. Korea decided to tell China to take a hike.

The devil has not come back to haunt China.

Whatever the allegations about Falunggong, it is a fact about the astrocities committed by China all these years. Remember, as mentioned in our local papers last week about the CCP and Mao responsible for TENS of Millions of death during the Cultural Revolution.
(and yet there are people who still think Mao in vogue ??)

Obviously, we are seeing propaganda from all sides, but the truth is 'somewhere out there' and proven.

Anonymous said...

oh my, someone here actually admires N Korea..

please go and help them make better bomb; the one they exploded was a flop.. it hardly made a pop...

Anonymous said...

Do not forget N. Korea is the Devil too.

No one admires N. Korea - another pariah nation groomed by another Evil country - China.
( I am not saying either that there are countries in this world that are perfect. We are living in an imperfect world.
I am referring to the Greater Evils we have in this world, which we can do without).

Otherwise, why our country should also condemn N.Korea.

Just ask any Koreans what they think of these two countries!!!
We have many Koreans working here, and there will be no shortage of feedback from them and other Singaporeans, too.

On the earlier entry, maybe I should 'support' the idea of their bomb which should blow in their faces and those fo their sponsors. :-)

Anonymous said...

True, - about the above entry.

The two countries - North Korea and China should blast themselves out....in a room.

Especially, China who now is making a U-turn just a few days after publicly condemning N. Korea.

The truth is out there..... and we just saw the hypocrisy and double speak of China.

I think Singapore should also tell off China since we had told off N. Korea for the nuclear blast.

We must address the sponsors of the evil empires, who are themselves evil.

The recent speech of the designated UN Sec General and the present Sec General relates to their job as the MOST IMPOSSIBLE job in the World.

My best wishes and sincere hope to the new Sec General esp when you have the likes of China that is deliberately stalling the world (UN)'s effort in punishing N. Korea. That is the trouble of giving veto powers to a few BUT undeserving countries.

Cynic said...

Yes, now we hear about the standoff between China and USA.

What a JOKE ?

When it should be a standoff between North Korea and the rest of the World.

Now, we can confirm the real cause of the North Korea problem all these years - CHINA (not that we do not know if we really follow world news).

I hope Singapore in its condemnation of North Korea could tell China to buzz off, and let the world takes the necessary action against N. Korea.

Disgraceful said...

With all this hyprocrisy how can we trust China in its treatment of the Falungong worshippers.

PRC is renowned for religious persecution in all its history. We learnt how churches have to go underground; and followers brutally tortured, killed or jailed.

Did you hear of the news today ?China has killed some Tibetans fleeing their country.

You guys are right!
What do we expect from such goddamn country.

Anonymous said...

no doubt china is a hegemonic and authoritarian; but falungong guys and tibetans also have their problems; they both prefer to be led by living buddhas instead of a democratically elected government and are not reliable critics of authoritarianism

I understand however there are other reports on organ harvesting with less suspect writers

Patriot said...

Allow me to say a few words by joining in this discussion -

I am sure you are not referring to China as a democratically elected govt. --which is run by the CCP, which is now apparent to be more corrupt.

(if the newspapers reports are to be believed).

I personally think that the Falunggong can never reach the heights of cruelty of the CCP; and they are not even capable of such deeds, anyway.

Please do not forget the CCP was also a threat to our national security since 1948...with the 10 yr Emergency and the support they gave to the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) which did not recognise our existence; and the penetration of the fractious Chinese schools and trade unions by the communists.

We have not received any apology from China too for the problems they caused here and the many deaths and destruction arising out of this.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, FLG may be tame and "reformed" into a political movement in US, but you sure they were the same in China then:


Check out the sections on "death of 1404 practioners" and "Harrasement of innocent critics".

Patriot, assuming you are part of the Christian mainstream - what would you say if I told you FLG teaches that Jesus can only save white people?

Master Li claims, as a more powerful God than Jesus, with multiple racially pure paradises, can save everyone:


"I have also found no oriental people in Jesus' paradise. It is very sad!"
- Li Hongzhi

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, dont they? otherwise it wouldnt be called the truth.

I think, people tend to conveniently embrace what they've read/seen from mainstream media or hearsay as RIGHT, without spending time to ponder over the new's implications (and i'm just pointing out from a communication issue's point of view).

Even if these anit-falun gong critics have done a little bit of their research, how can they be compared to the credibility of the findings from the United Nations and the International Human Rights Groups, which have already verified that tens of thousands of FLG practitioners are brutally tortured?? If the critics claim that their research are just and true, what does the UN's findings account for?

I realized some even adds personal issues while branding FLG. Like my first line reads: "The Truth Hurts" (anyway, don't they?). I sincerely understand how 'christian mainstreams' feel, because who feels good when he realises taht something he has believing in, appeared 'unreal'? this is normal human nature. Nobody's right or wrong is this regard. But there is an issue of: "Believing or Denying".

Would I openly reject what's written in the Bible or Taoist's teaching, if they contradict my beliefs? You bet i'll feel uneasy, i'll even bring it up for a little discussion here. But as someone who recognises that different understandings of different schools of thoughts, i'm keeping a neutral opinion.

As a buddhist, my conclusion is: Religions and beliefs should not be mixed, the same applies to Truth and Lies.

Whether or not FLG's beliefs are acceptable to other religions, you can't deny that FLGs and other religions are being oppressed in China. No doubt about that.