21 Sep 2005

Singapore warns on internet racial hate

What is political dissent? Does stating something along the lines of "Down with the PAP and their sycophants" constitute political dissent? How about, "I feel that the government of Singapore which is controlled by the PAP as a result of dubious 'electorial' and media practices should be removed from office in a non-violent manner in the near future and intend to help further the demise of the PAP and its sycophants", does that fall under the Sedition Act? Maybe Mr Wang can enlighten us?

By John Burton Published: September 19 2005 03:00 | Last updated: September 19 2005 03:00

Singapore yesterday warned that it would increase penalties for those who use the internet to inflame racial hatred, sparking concerns of a broader crackdown on websites that contain political dissent.

Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister, told the pro-government Straits Times that anyone who threatened the city-state's racial and religious harmony could be prosecuted under the country's sedition law.

Singapore last week applied the 57-year-old act for the first time against individuals when it arrested three Singaporeans accused of making racial slurs on internet message boards.
John Burton,Singapore

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