13 Jan 2005

Singapore mainstream media still do not “get” blogs

From Wannabe Lawyer

The nation-building press still “don’t get” blogs.

Evidence 1:

Straits Times 3 Nov 2004 via myrick

But Nanyang Technological University communication and information lecturer Randolph Kluver disagreed that more blogs will flourish.

I just don’t see much of a future for them until regulatory policies are relaxed somewhat, or until some sort of event occurs in which a blog can provide information the media cannot,‘ he said.

A Media Development Authority (MDA) spokesman said Internet content providers engaging in the propagation, promotion or discussion of political and religious issues relating to Singapore must register with the authority.

These include all political party websites and sites like Sintercom, an online magazine and forum on politics and current affairs. Individual sites and blogs need register only if the MDA asks them to do so.

What Randolph Kluver speaks about is a permissions-based culture. This is the culture that has been cultivated by the ruling classes, up till now. Don’t do it unless it is allowed, otherwise you will be punished. What Kluver demonstrates however, is that people who have been conditioned by the permissions-based culture seem unable to understand the possibility of alternatives. Either that, or the Straits Times is again engaging in its famous ability to mis-quote and mis-report on the facts.

Fortunately, while ruling classes can attempt to use technology to maintain control, technology is a natural symbiont to liberty. Without freedom and liberty, there can be no technology, and without technology there can be no liberty...

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Rudicus said...

If the media were not all owned by people who controlled it, I might agree that blogs are merely the rumblings of a few malcontents - but personally I have gotten more news from blogs than I have from the mainstream media - especially since the media watersdown or edits it for spin.

Also blog provide valuable commentary by regular people who have nothing to gain apart from stroking their own ego mania, so you get a purer form of comment, not tainted by financial influence.

That's not to say that all blog are pure, but if you are one of the few who still have critical thinking skills you should be able to sort it out.

True Flight said...

Aha! Rudicus discovers peculiar Singapore.

Singaporeans are the world's most intelligent people without opinions. We aren't allowed to have any.

Okay, okay, we are. As long as we are politically insignificant, or obviously eccentric, or in line with government ideology, or interested only in topics of the self-navel-gazing variety.