24 Jan 2005

The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum?

By Lunatics I mean, certain strata of the management...


Has anyone out there similar experiences, of management expecting you to bend over backwards for the customer/student/client. No matter how ridiculous the request, the management, because they are 'customer' focused, even though, the letter is from a 'student' demand that it be taken seriously. After this letter was circulated I realised that a lot of students were sitting there trying to work out whether my tie matched my shirt, rather than taking notes and listening. What do you think, read on...? I'd really appreciate your 'feedback'.

Subject: Lecturers who need grooming

Dear Mr Vice President

I am right now a part-time student studying in (Name Removed). I have been to the (removed) for a month now and my impression of the school is fairly good. I met great lecturers, both looks (not great but pleasant enough) as well as class professionalism. One is very interesting and motivating, one not too bad and the other two very boring. So long as they don't put us off in any way, we will continue to go for as many boring classes as well. Granted that we should be there to learn but it is also very true that we feel motivated when we see pleasant lecturers. Lecturers who look and smell unpleasant will put us off!

Some lecturers could be nice in the heart but certainly the smell together with the look that we see in them will also have effect on our desire to learn. When lecturers belge in a class, it can be totally disgusting especially when the lecturer is standing just next to us. Some lecturers have bad body odour which need some corrections, especially those overweight, including those not so overweight. I have seen about 5 or 6 fat lecturers although some are not my lecturers. One is a woman. They lack exercise. It is good for both their health and looks to go to (removed) down in (removed), 5 minutes from the (removed).

I read in the newspaper recently about staff development for the lecturers in this (removed). They should go for grooming classes. Pardon me for being so direct in my comments but it is my true feelings about the (removed). I hope the management will take care of the lecturers' health. The lecutrers (sic) will also project a better image of the school if they look good themselves. Realistically and true to my heart, I look forward to go to a class with a lecturer who is both pleasant to look at and great at lecturing. I truthfully admit that I have at least one at the moment. I hope to see more of them.

I thank you for listening to my true and direct feelings. Please do not take offence at my comments. I truthfully appreciate your attention to my mail. Thank you for your precious time.

Oh I appreciate this 'feedback'. Management then demands that we take this b.s. seriously. What I said when presented with the letter by my supervisor, and asked for 'feedback' cannot be printed...


Rudicus said...

There is an old american political axiom that says for every letter you receive there are 25 other people that feel the same way. Also in the service business where the customer is always right, it usually pertains to the service or product.

However, this letter and the boss's reaction shws he's both an idiot and a coward - it shows that he is not looking at the big picture, but also doesn't stand up for his people. Basically this guy shouldn't be in charge of anything.

He's like the parent who gives their child whatever they want when they cry - so he ends up training the kid to cry and ends up creating a spoiled child. This is the same thing - by responding to this person's letter he is not supporting his troops and is also encouraging people to come in with more BS next time they feel like being petty complainers.

Maybe you should write an anonymous letter to his boss telling what a lousy leader he is.

FreeRangeAuthor said...

Buy everyone a copy of the director's cut of the movie BRAZIL. {is my guess right that this film is banned in Singapore?}

This letter, in fact all of Singapore, sound like scenes from BRAZIL that ended up on the cutting room floor; without the escape of insanity.

"Suspicion Breeds Confidence" - BRAZIL

"God is not a Libertarian, but I am."

Eufrasia said...

Reading this blog just makes me feel so annoyed!!! I now have a very annoying lecturer. I gave him a bad evaluation for calling other lecturer with 'name' in class, for constantly badmouthing the management in class, and for calling a student a 'failure' in the class. Seems to me that the management didn't give a damn. Yet they do care about the lecturer's grooming (based on the blog). So the bottomline is that lecturers can behave unprofessionally as long as they dress up well and go on a diet!! That's what's implied by the article, combined with my own experience. What the f**k? Good job, management!!