31 Jan 2004

Variable Component

Variable Component

The local press have been stating that the workers have agreed to the variable wage component. Sorry but I seem to have forgotten when I was asked.

Refering to the NTUC, Today Newspaper claims that the workers are happy with government and businesses completely altering their contracts on a mass scale.

Workers in Singapore are not allowed to form unions in order to protect their rights and minimise (as much as possible) exploitation. Yet business interests and government policies drop 'blanket' legislations on all workers. Surely what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

The new legislation allows bosses to vary the percentage of wages according to 'title'. This means that a 'manager' can have a higher percentage of varying wages. So be careful when your boss offers you that promotion to 'manager' or 'assistant manager'.

The NTUC yet again shows how incompetent they truely are. They are supposed to be acting in the interests of the worker, yet remain a toothless kitty cat.

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