17 Jan 2004

Death Penalty

In the Today Newspaper an attempted rebuttal of the allegations of Amnesty International has been printed. The small article from the Ministry of Home Affairs is not referenced to any particular member.

It claims that the Death Penalty is an open issue in Singapore and that Singapore's judicary is transparent with regards to the death penalty, with a promise to produce a further rebuttal in the near future.

Recent cases reported by Amnesty will be huge obstacles to attempts at convincing myself and many others that the 'system' in Singapore is transparent. Actually it would make me laugh out loud if it wasn't such a serious issue.

The standard 'join a political party' was also stated. Sorry but 'politics' and issues of human rights belong to us all.

So before commenting further on this issue I will await the reply from the powers that be. Whatever approach is taken in attempts to 'prove' that it is a transparent system I have one small question.

"If it is so transparent, why doesn't the Prime Minister know the number put to death?"

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