1 May 2007

The May Day Walk

How tragic and apt. "May Day", also as in a distress call to Singaporeans, "mayday". The plea to Singaporeans about the power of courage and daring to change. Pro-democracy activists Chee Soon Juan and his sister are making tremendous effort to remind apathetic Singaporeans that the PAP are not the altruistic selfless politicians they are trying to show themselves out to be. This is not the first time the Chees have demonstrated their resolve. Remember the September walk last year that displayed the government's "finesse" and "tolerance" of peaceful non-obstructive small scale marches?

medium_nowalk.jpg This time, Singapore's democracy activists appear unmolested along the way. We shall what happens tomorrow when the walk ends. For those who wish to support the Chee siblings on the ground, contact Uncle Yap at his number. More updates can also be found at Uncle Yap's blog.

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