29 Mar 2007

Talkr: Instant Voice Conferencing

Refers to singabloodypore.rsfblog.org site

Thought I should say a few words about the latest widgets added to the left side bar. The top image will take you to an rss feed that enables you to listen to Singabloodypore on your ipod or simply listen online to the posts via itunes or yahoo podcast facilities. You may also have noticed that each post on this page now contains a 'Listen to this article' tag. By clicking on it a new window should open and an mp3 file will launch. The voice is not my own. So you can now listen to the posts and continue to surf this site or others. Give it a go by clicking on 'Listen to this article' just under the top of this post.

The intelligent among you may also have noticed the large widget containing a large green arrow. Click on this to start the Instant Voice Conferencing facility. If it is working properly you should here a voice informing you that you are listening to blah blah. The widget is a new development from Talkr and LiveOnTheNet. This widget is in the very early days of development and so there may still be a few bugs but I suggest, if you are a blogger that you get your own widget soon. They intend to make money and share it with those who host it on their sites.

If you are not currently seeing the large green arrow in the left hand corner you need to upgrade your Java,
, I 'll say it again 'update your Java'... this is a painless process that you can find at:


To talk you will need a headphone set with microphone.

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