14 Dec 2006

Citizen Journalism at its Bloodiest

Spotted a link to this on Tomorrow.sg and I have no idea regarding who posted it or when the incident or rather 'attempted murder' took place. It first appeared on Locksley's blog - Random Thoughts of a Disturbed Mind.

Please be warned that this contains extremely graphic violence...
I have to admit that I think this is an extremely rare event in Singapore, someone getting stabbed, however the official crime statistics are simply that, official.


Anonymous said...

Hard to come by footage, especially in SG. Im personnally more interested in the passbys, cars and humans, who did nothing, i mean a life could have been lost there and then. kudos to the AH PEH who braved the knife wielding attacker.

Matilah_Singapura said...

How do you know the guy with the knife was the "attacker"?

He may have been defending himself.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Chinese National.

Just wait, one of the 'elites or their offspring' will have to bear the full brunt of allowing these job snatchers and social miscreants into Singapore. Then the Old Man will really rise from his grave and wake up.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What's to stop a couple of pranksters staging a fracas, shooting it very badly with a handheld camcorder, and uploading it to YouTube?

YouTube is full of pranks. Look at the pranks videoed and uploaded by our brave young men in the SAF, for instance.

IMO it is wise believe everything you see or read on the net, without investigating further.

Everyone is empowered as a "journalist" on the internet. Big media is know for scamming the public - for the benefit of the state. What's to stop "small media" - i.e. bloggers etc. from doing the same?

Many of the blogs and forums are full of shite — ideas that if you follow blindly without your own critical evaluation, will definitely fuck up your life. :-)

Human beings have been deceiving one another since year dot. First it was the religious leaders, bamboozling people in to surrendering to a "higher power", which was represented on earth by these priests and shamans.

Then came the political leaders who told us "trust in me - for the greater good of all".

Now anyone with a computer and a net connection can create bullshit to trap the unwary mind.

Hey, on the other hand... that sounds like bloody good FUN! :-))

Disgusted said...

The video is real, I understand.

The papers have confirmed that the assailant is a Chinaman from China.

The poor female victim is also from China. His ex-lover.

The assailant only got 8 months jail and 4 strokes of the rotan.

Comparatively, immigration offenders had worse deals with rotan and jail just for over-staying, etc..

We have so many stories of these people from China - from husband snatchers; massage girls in HDB estates(just because they refused to take other so called lower paying but DECENT jobs), hoards of them in Geylang redlight area; the China Oil CAO debacle and other IPOs here from Chinese Companies; and the huge number of investors, incl many Singaporeans that lost their hard-earned money; the huge amount of subsidies for them to study in our schools....

Exactly what type of foreign talent do we want from China ?
They do not need us ?
Their real talents remain in China as it offers much more opportunities.

Only the crumps come here ?

clyde said...

That was almost painful to watch... the passive pedestrians and motorists I mean. How does someone get stabbed on a busy road side in broad daylight and not get more than ONE person trying to fend off the attacker? There were clearly 3 men in the immediate area and clearly they couldn't (or wouldn't?) decide whether to tackle and disarm the man.

Note to self: Don't get stabbed. In Singapore anyway.

Anonymous said...


I haven't watched the video yet (and I hesitate to), but from all the descriptions, I can somewhat empathise with the 3 men. As some people would attest to, insane people on a rage are very difficult to stop. Armed, they're extremely dangerous.

It's difficult to effectively stop an assailant without getting injured because you need to get close and within range of any retaliation. I'd hesitate too myself, unless there's something I could use as a weapon to keep a bit of distance. And when you see other able people not going forward, you'd begin to doubt your chances as well. It's a psychological phenomenon called social proof.

Anonymous said...

Matilah must be our number 1 conspiracy theorist. He must worship Gene Ray.

Singapore-Born said...

Aren't we just tired of these foreigners who make our streets meaner and change our landscape ?

The bloody man from China just getting off with a few strokes and a few months jail sentence for repeatedly stabbing (NOT once !) the helpless woman.

And our bystanders - typically Singaporeans - what do I say - pathetic ? I wonder whether any of them called the Police. Or somebody else made the call ?

Everywhere we go these days - coffee shops, streets, MRT, shopping centres, some schools, etc,, are filled with these new migrants.. with their distinctive slangs and mannerisms - shouting, spitting, rough, rude, cycling dangerously along pedestrian walkways, etc...

Yes, I agreee with others..... are these the Foreign Talents we are seeking ?

what is happening to Singapore ?

My Singaporean friend who just came home from overseas was shocked to see how our country has changed...

Are there any real Singaporeans left here ? They are certainly outnumbered.

It is not the same country I love years ago !!!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

to anon 12:39

I do not worship anyone, as a matter of fact. You on the other hand may like to watch ??? Idol which will then make you, by definition an Idol Worshipper. :-)

An I don't know if you've ever passed an English Comprehension test, I was merely suggesting that it is better to make a judgement when you have more than just one "fact" and to assess the veracity of the facts. i.e. use "critical thinking"

It would take more than one YouTube video to convince me. Maybe I'm not a sheep like most people are, whoc get hynotised by all forms of media, and believe everything they read or see on the net.

"disgusted 09:07" stated in his post that there wer some charges laid in this case, because he saw it in the papers. Aha! More "evidence" — which is unavailable to me as I don't live in Singapore.

Anyway, when it is a man-woman thing, I always say "They deserve each other".

And why pick on the "apathetic" Singaporeans? One person (with the helmet) actually intervened, so what is the problem? Would you prefer a traffic jam, 100's of people coming to the aid of the "victim"?

And furthermore: you call that a knife? If the assailant used a real knife (15cm or longer blade) we've have some REAL ACTION ala HOLLYWOOD to watch! Whoo hoo!

What I don't get are some of the wimps here: you pay 12 bucks to watch a Hollywood movie to be "entrtained" by watching people get blown up, chopped up, shot, slashed and stabbed, or ravaged by wild animals.

Fucking hell, you get to watch something free on YouTube — where people are actually sacrificing themselves for Our Entertainment and you cringe.

Get onto some steroids quickly before you all turn into pooftahs man!

And dig the Free Entertainment the Universe puts on for you!

P.S. The video is proof that we need to consider giving back the natural right to citizens to ARM themselves.

Bang bang!