5 Dec 2004

Asia Blog Awards 2004: Introduction and Rules

Hosted by Simon at Simon World

This year's event will be similar to last year with a few key differences. The rules for the event are below. Any suggestions, offers of help or comments are welcome:

1. All nominated blogs must be predominately written in English.

2. For each regional category, the blog must either be written by someone living in that region and/or predominately concerntrate on that region.

3. If your blog is nominated but you do not want it to be in the voting, please send me an email at simon-[at]-simonworld-[dot]-mu-[dot]-nu with your blog name and URL, your email and a clear statement you do not wish to be nominated. Otherwise all nominated blogs will be considered potential entrants.

4. The logo is the same as last year's awards. I encourage you to use it and to promote the awards but please download it to your own server. Do NOT link to the image on my server.

5. Voting will be restricted to once per day per person. You can vote more than once, but only once per day. I will doing my very best to prevent cheating. Any blog found to encourage or engage in cheating will be immediately disqualified.

6. Due to the limitations of the voting service, there will only be 10 finalists per category. At the end of the voting I will list the winner and runner-up and all nominations for each category.

7. The finalists will be determined as follows by the number of nominations (note that nominations do not count as votes) and my discretion. Repeated nominations by the same person do not count. If your blog is nominated in more than one category I may, at my sole discretion, exclude you from certain categories. If you have a preference for one category over another, please email me. In other words I've only got 10 open slots per category, so I'll do my best to judge who should go into those slots. I'm looking for volunteers to help with choosing finalists (see below).

8. To nominate a blog leave a comment in the relevant post's comments. See below for the full list of categories. Please include both the blog's name and its URL. You can nominate yourself.

9. I am the sole judge of these awards. I welcome input but my decisions will be final (unless I change my mind).

9a. I am excluding my own site from being nominated. If you'd like to vote for me, I'm in the Asia section of the World Blog awards.

10. Timetable:
Nominations: close December 8th
Voting: December 9th to December 15th inclusive
Results: December 17th

The timetable is subject to revision. It is deliberately quick to avoid the Christmas/New Year period and avoid dragging on too long. If there is enough demand I may extend the voting into the New Year but at this stage this is the timetable.

Before I get to the categories, I have two requests. For each regional category I would like a volunteer who knows the blogs of that region well enough to help me sort out potential finalists. Your own blog will still be eligible for that category. Also anyone able to help in designing logos/buttons for the winners to post on their site, please let me know. You can email me at simon-[at]-simonworld-[dot]-mu-[dot]-nu

The categories are:

Best HK Blog

Best Mainland China Blog

Best Korea Blog

Best Taiwan Blog

Best Singapore Blog

Best Malaysia Blog

Best Thai Blog

Best Indonesia Blog

Best Japan Blog

Best Philippines Blog

Best India Blog

Best Bangladesh Blog

Best Pakistan Blog

Best Vietnam Blog

Best Central Asian Blog

Best Newcomer 2004

Best Designed Blog

Funniest Blog

Best Non-Asian (Foreign) Blog

Best Political Blog

Best Essayist

Best Journal/Diary

Best Photoblog

There are also the World 2004 Blog Awards.

NOMINATING: Remember, to make a nomination leave a comment in the relevant category's comments. Please include both the blog's name and its URL. You can nominate yourself.

posted by Simon on 12.17.04 at 07:42 PM

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