7 Nov 2004

ISA and the Economic Dimension

Recasting the Internal Security Act in the New Security Environment

by Damien Cheong

The economic dimensions of the ‘War on Terrorism’ have also provided an opportunity for the ISA to be promoted indirectly. Singapore’s unequivocal support for the US in the old and new security environments coupled with her role in preventing the JI attack on American interests, were seemingly ‘rewarded’ with the signing of the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA). As US Congressmen Pete Sessions notes:

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Anonymous said...

it's almost a parallel of the anti-terrorism act that was forced though parliament in the uk. don't forget that in london there's a cctv at almost every corner.
i know 2 wrong don't make 1 right. But in this world or twisted logic, i can't help but to fall victim to it ;)