8 Sep 2004

Dr Chee and Nelson Mandela


Responding to a question from the media on why he was sueing Dr Chee, Mr Lee said through his press secretary: "Mr Chee should learn from Nelson Mandela. Mandela played by the rules. He won because he fought constitutionally. Chee should play by the rules, then he may rally people around him. By breaking the rules and flouting the law, he is getting himself marginalised." - CNA

Yet again I fear that the ministers in Singapore are unaware of the power of their words. Surely Lee Kuan Yew is not advocating that Dr Chee really follow in Mandela's foot-steps. Here is a link to an article on Nelson. Mandela and an interesting issue is quoted directly...

[Mandela] was arrested and tried on charges of attempting to launch an armed struggle but the jury did not have enough evidence to pronounce him guilty and he was subsequently released. He later launched an armed struggle targeting the government. This aggressive approach eventually led to a sentence of life in prison in 1964.

Lee Kuan Yew is not advising Dr Chee to form an armed resistance movement you reply, thats just crazy talk, but to link the situation in Singapore with that of un-democratic and gerrymandered South Africa goes too far. Will the PAP be pressing charges against the M & M?

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