16 Mar 2004

The Birth-Rate

The Birth-Rate or Rampant Patriarchy in Singapore
You may have noticed that I have been particularly quiet with regard to the 'Birth Rate' issue.

There is a reason for my silence. The current debate seems to be covering most of the angles, which is refreshing in Singapore. However, some male MP's really don't require criticism, the adage of 'Give them enough rope and let them hang themselves', seems most appropriate. They merely highlight their patriarchialism.

Yes I wish to have children, but I am a man and whether or not a woman wishes to have a child is a decision that resides with her and her alone.

All that the government should do is ensure that any woman regardless of marital status, educational background, ethnic group, age, religion or sexuality who wishes to have a child will receive the economic and housing benefits that ensure that the child is not raised in a situation of discrimination or economic hardship.

Women receiving 56% of the male income, when educational, job experience and position are all equal, in no way facilitates such a choice to have a child.

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