3 Jul 2003

the small island i am currently living on appears to be inhabited by people as opposed to individuals... I have noticed several posters proclaiming that they place "society above self". This cultural value appears to pervade all decision making processes. Most arguements appear to come to a conclusion with the utterance of the same phrase... Regardless of the nature of the debate or the issues at hand the last sentence is always the same and signals the end of the discussion. "It is good for the economy".

usually uttered by a male claiming superior status to others involved in the so-called discussion. I use the term 'discussion' loosely. The 'gatherings' are more akin to that of a lecture, whereby one of the bodies talks and the others feign interest, such as knodding head and tilting head to the left or right. Significance of tilting left or right may require further research...Only the self-proclaimed individual or speaker may speak. I have myself upon arrival commited a serious breach in the rules of interaction by uttering , during a gathering the phrases, 'no' and 'why?'. these words responded in a breach of the rules of speech. Or simply put, i spoke. Quickly realising my mistake and making excuses this body retreated from the gathering... in order to return another day.

the posters, as mentioned earlier, appear to be rather misleading... there are no individual selves when society (whatever that is) dominates individuals. Self appears to refer to something unique or individualistic in nature. The inhabitants themselves are starting to concern themselves with this very same question... All primarily in the hope that it, "will be good for the economy."

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